In order to log a Service Call / Warranty Service Call with the Winterhalter Service Department, the Customer must provide Winterhalter with the following information. Winterhalter can refuse to place a Service Call / Warranty Service Call if the below information is not provided in full:

i. The Customers’ full business name (to be invoiced) – i.e. the name of the café / restaurant / company *
ii. The Customers’ full address – i.e. the address of the café / restaurant / company (site) *
iii. The relevant site contact(s) and their best contact number(s) and email address **
iv. An email address for the Customers’ Accounts Department / Accounts Manager **
v. All relevant machine details – make, model, serial number ***
vi. Proof of machine purchase vii. Credit Card number and expiry – VISA or MasterCard (Prepaid accounts only) (please see next page)
viii. A brief description of the issue with the machine(s)
ix. Proof of extended Warranty, if applicable

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all information provided to Winterhalter is correct. Please note that all personal information supplied in connection with the Service Call / Warranty Service Call request will be collected, held, stored and disclosed in accordance with Winterhalter’s Privacy Statement.
* In the event that Winterhalter attends the incorrect location due to misinformation provided by the Customer, full charges for time of attendance will be applicable regardless of Warranty status.
** Customers should ensure that an appropriate email address is provided so Winterhalter can maintain contact concerning Service requests and invoicing post-service.
*** Customers must be able to identify the Model and Serial Number of their unit so that Winterhalter can identify their unit, its Warranty status and monitor and maintain a history of services for that particular unit.